To supply users with the most creative, accessible and delightful tools for creating websites from their phones.

Making the web enjoyable & accessible. Tyota web shops, ltd. 2017

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Each users holds his content and his website on his hand and can modify it as he wish at any given time, at any situation. The app is designed in a way that gives users the accessibility to update their website in the same ease they upload a new post to a social network.


Tyota's approach to web design and web publishing in general is very is different from other DIY web builders exists today. It supplies users a base unit to build their site from, instead of rigid templates. Users can fill containers with their content, using timeless and proven UI patterns that will impart and bring out their content.

Cloud Shop

Tyota supplies a cloud based components shop for users' different uses, for their website purposes. This together with the smart grid system enables unlimited potential and gives the user abilities to modify and custom his website to match his purposes.

Core Mobile

Apart from other DIY web design tools exists today, Tyota is a company focused on mobile and it’s core product is the iOS app, the web studio. This is a %100 native mobile company with all the advantages included with it.

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