How to


Launching the app on the first time will display the app’s login screen. Tap on the general Sign In button on the bottom of the screen, then tap on the Register button on the right. Use your correct email address, username and password and tap the Sign Up button. Wait until Tyota’s servers will proccess your credentials and create a web profile for you. Your website’s initial name will be the same as your picked username. Once the registration process is finished you will see your initial webpage’s feed.


To start creating your webpage, tap on the Plus button on the right top of the screen, it will open a Components Strip for you to choose from. Each component is a container you can fill with your own data; Images, text and other information. Other components are more interactive and has a functional form like SoundCloud Embed and a Contact Form. After you start molding your content into the Feed, you can also edit or customise it by tapping on each one of the Tiles, that will display a toolbar in the bottom of the screen.

Customize your page

Customising your page is relatively easy. When you tap on one of your Tiles on the Feed a toolbar will be displayed. You can then set a tile’s properties: text alignment, tile’s width and spreading. For more advanced control you can tap on the pencil button which will display the Tile’s editor. You can also change page’s general settings like content’s container width, padding between tiles and your site’s description on the Settings panel. To reach the settings panel drag the main screen to the right.

Purchase new components

Tapping on the Plus button on the right top of the screen will trigger the Components Strips. Components appear with a NEW badge along them are the new ones you can purchase from the store. Some featured entirely free, and some for an affordable price range. We do encourage you to check them out and take advantage of their advanced functionalities.

Set your site address

Your site address is automatically set when you are registered to Tyota and it’s basically We will support changing your site name on the future, for any inquiries for that matter please contact

Set a footer in your page

To set your page’s footer with Social links all you have to do is navigate to the Components strip by tapping on the Plus button on the right top of the main screen. Swipe inside the strip until you reach the Footer Tile Component, which handles all functionality related to setting up your footer in your page.

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