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Founded in 2016 Tyota is a mobile, art-inspired website creation app that enables users to craft mobile-first web pages directly from their mobile devices. We use cutting edge technology to help creators launch elastic, minimalist, mobile-friendly web pages tailored to the new era of website viewing.

Tyota supplies users a base unit to build their site from, instead of basing on rigid templates. Users can fill containers with their content, using timeless and proven UI patterns that will impart and bring out their content.
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And of course some running text when you need to get down to details and information.

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With Tyota you can produce smart, live and lightweight websites based on tiles shape - from your iPhone. This accessibility makes web creation to be easy as uploading a post from your mobile phone to a social network platform. Tyota’s app has been designed in a way that makes it so simple to use, design, and publish a web page, also on the go. The outputs websites are based on modular tiles, and are fixed in a smart grid system that ensures that they look at their best ay any given resolution or end screen.

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